Whitepress theme

Theme Features

  • Super clean and minimalistic design
  • Really lightweight theme! The generated code (including files and images) is less than 40K
  • Structured and valid web standards code (XHTML and CSS)
  • Very flexible customization (typography, sidebar, etc.)
  • Widget-ready sidebar. The sidebar has many AJAX-like effects that minimizes vertical space
  • Gravatar support for comments (from wordpress 2.5 and above)
  • Print-only style
  • Progressive Enhancement! The site is functional even when Javascript is turned off. The content is accessible to all users including text-only browsers and screen readers
  • Ready to use jQuery library (version 1.2.6), for further enchantment and development
  • Works in all modern browsers (including Firefox 2 and 3, Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Opera, Safari and Chrome)
  • Compatible with WordPress 2.5 and below

You can download Whitepress theme from its official Google Code page. For customization instructions please check the Wiki page.

  • kat

    I was hoping to use your theme for my new portfolio, but it’s not quite what I had in mind and customization won’t help.

    P.S. It should be “its official Google page” not it’s. It’s is ‘it is’, whilst its is possessive. 🙂

  • John Tsevdos

    Hm, sorry for that… I’m working on a new one at the moment (Whitepress is TOO old)! Have a look at the ambrosia, you might like it…